Who is Bob?

Bio: Bob Buchanan, Photographer Commercial & Art

IMG_6246 cropped     Photography demands technique and artistry Bob Buchanan brings your most treasured ideas to light to enhance the concept of visual communication.  Having been a commercial photographer for 40 years now, his sensitivity to details and commitment to his craft has enabled him to establish lasting relationships with clients.  His career reflects a wide range of assignments in still life, products, fashion and food which is his specialty. His work has been published throughout the world.

On the path to create even better photographs, Bob began to shoot art to satisfy his creative soul. His intention was to put together a portfolio which could prove that he could shoot more than just what was assigned.  His clients began to purchase his portfolio shots for their walls. Bob=s work has been hung in many Soho galleries and is included in the private collection of many collectors and gallery owners, including the white house and has received numerous awards. He enjoys sharing his art with others; it inspires him to keep creating.

Bob approaches photography as everything else, you must always keep improving. You can’t stand still, the day you feel you’re the best you can be, you are no longer in need of improvement is the day you stop growing.

He has begun to venture into new areas of creativity, he has published a total of four books, Two Photo books, the award-winning Real women & Old toys as seen on this webpage, He also work as an associate producer on Indy films. The award-winning Intervention released by Comprehensive films. With all of that going on in his life, he is also produced and directing, a cooking show What’s for dinned with Frankie The Butcher, for the Italian American Network, a sitcom for TV, among others and has ventured into producing and directing TV commercials and is currently producing a movie on Energy Healing.