Part 2 of the unexpected yet one sided love

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Part 2 of my new connection

She seemed to have been drinking but this is the 1st time we met so I didn’t want to be judgmental. As out time together was ending I figured that this very attractive woman, much younger then me was about to leave my life forever. I am not the type who is very forward or push myself on woman. This time was different; I had to kiss her good by. I went to kiss her good bye, when passion I have thought was gone in me forever came alive. The kiss turned it to very passionate no holds bared love making. It had been ten years since the last time I had been with any woman, I was on cloud nine. We lay there and talk a bit after we were done I held her.
Although I felt something I knew it wasn’t love, but something had re-ignited the passion I lost so long ago. This made me realize I needed to do something to come alive again. I knew it wasn’t her after all she made it pretty clear that the next time the $500.00 minimum was an issue that was important. I kissed her good night never again expecting to talk to her, much less see her.
The next day I got an email from how she enjoyed me, I was different, the way I touched her, the way I made her feel and she would like to see me again. I made it very clear I didn’t have the money right now, and I would see when I had that kind of money. I would be in touch, but she told me she wasn’t interested in the money, at least not now.


Somethin New, I have written a romance Novel ..

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I haven’t published it as I’m writing the 2nd one, a continuation of the 1st. This is new not like the novel;

I found heart-break & pain on the net

My life has become boring, I lack love and feel alone, even though I am married. I have no idea what happened to the woman I once loved with all my heart. She has become angry & cynical. We stopped talking to each other and began to talk to at each other. I don’t knowing what to do, I know divorce is out of the question, for many reasons. Lost and in pain, I posted an ad on a cheating site. In hind sight a big mistake, but who could have guessed, I am weak, lost, not an excuse I know, but I will eventually pay dearly.

It all started on one November day, I got an answer to my ad from a 30-year-old woman, I am almost twice her age. I advised her I wasn’t interested in a younger woman but she was relentless. She wanted to meet me and asked if I could help her out, to the tune of $500.00 to help pay her rent, I laughed and told her she had the wrong guy, she insisted upon seeing me anyway.

On a cold Sunday night, late, she walks into my place our eyes meet, I was taken right away. I don’t know why or what ran through my heart, my soul at that moment, but it was powerful and crippling. I am suspect that this woman her husband are teaming up to take advantage of unsuspecting older guys; I am on guard. We sit and talk, and as I looked at her face, I knew she was much older than she was saying, but her eyes are captivating; I am taken down by my heart, all my defenses broken down for the 1st time in my life…….

MERRY CHRISTMAS & How my card …

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I created this years Christmas card on my digital camera. This is the first year sadly I didn’t use film.

The card was a set created in my studio, I used a dark blue background. I cut the start out in the back groung put roscolux behing the background & lit it. The house is a prop I purchased to with a light in it. I used 3 spot lights tof light it. When shooting film I would do it in several exposures, but with digital you are limited so I had to balance the lighting. (See Below)

I hope you enjoy the card. I will be posting my New Years card & how it was done in the next few days


My Boyhood dream

My childhood dream was to live my life in the wilderness, with my family and loved ones. I dreamt of a life of solitude and peace, surrounded by nature in my log cabin. Reflecting upon my life today I know that life would have never been possible for me, yet it is still my fantasy. With life becoming so complex, so complicated, I awaken this dream capturing it in my Christmas card through this photograph. I created this once fantasy that exists in my mind and my heart; the frozen river, the mountains to one side, the forest to the other the Christmas blessing from the sky. Bringing this dream to life, through my lens, and lights allows me to live out my dream in my world of creativity.

We need to slow down, take a moment and let go, remember and reflect upon our lives and what is important to us. Yes this is a fantasy, but without fantasy we have nothing. I hope you enjoy the photograph I created.

Now for the dry stuff; this year is the 1st year I created my Christmas card digitally, I photographed it on December19, 2011. There are no longer any labs in Westchester that develop film, this is why I used digital. I captured this image on my Canon EOS D50, at 15 Megapixels. The ISO is 200, the shutter speed is 5 seconds and the F stop was F22. I used three Mole Richardson Spot Lights. The props; the trees & log cabin were purchased at Westchester Trains & Hobbies, in the White Plains Mall in White Plains. The log cabin was actually a Doctor’s office, I retouched the signs out.

Bob Buchanan

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

Yes I do Christmas not the HOLIDAYS, Christmas.

I got the award Friday night

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I went to the awards cocktail party at the Algonquin hotel in NYC on 44th st. The award was for my 1st book, Real Woman, 40 & Beyond, it won in the photography/art section of the JM Northern Media, NY book festival, I won the category. As I was introduced, Bruce the General mgr of JM Norther Media, said the judges were going back & forth between this book & my 2nd book; “My Old Toy Box, Imagination not Included”. I actually beat myself, as strange as that maybe I am proud of this accomplishment as a new author.

Many of the authors that spoke were extremely boring, one guy droned on forever it seemed, I was about the 10th speaker & the audience was bored. I went up to the podium and opened with; In my former life I was a cop. I have been shot at stabbed at & wrestled knives away from people attempting suicide. But, none of that prepared me to do this book (all true). It broke them up & woke them up. I informed the audience I am self-taught & when I decided to shoot nudes I picked up Penthouse & Playboy and not for the photos or the “articles”, no I looked at how the photos were lite, composed & the settings . I had them back and at that point I began to talk about the purpose of the book, which is to celebrate women for who they are; not what they are. I spoke about how we created the perfect body in the movies, ads & print media. I told the story on what inspired the book. It was an interview in 1991 about the movie pretty woman. They used a leg double for Julia Roberts in the bathtub nude scene. This pissed me off, I mean really Julia Roberts legs weren’t good enough? This is when I started to work on this book. I did expand on these thoughts a bit and sat down, I spoke approx. 5 minutes, I kept it fresh with a lot of energy.

When I sat down a woman we were sitting with, who I knew is a literary agent with agencies in both Boston & NYC. a very pleasant classy woman. we enjoyed her company we spoke about movies & books. I told her about the novels I wrote & have started, as part of the conversation because she told me that is what she represents. It was just conversation I wasn’t pitching her because I have them on the back burner. I am working on producing a movie now. I do have one, my romance novel, The Lunch, finished. I had not tried to sell myself to her.

After my presentation, she told my wife & my friend Carol that she was going to email me she wanted to see my work. I was like wow, a gift beyond my wildest dreams. That doesn’t mean anything will happen. & what I have gained from it is really exciting. I will see, but it seems my life is on a new path, I plan on taking this journey down that path and enjoying every minute no matter where it takes me. anyone want to come? Only requirement .. you have to be a positive person.

My Womens book won the photography catagory

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My book Real women 40 & beyond won the photography category.

My 1st award for my books. It really feels great to get acknowledgment, on this side of my business.

I have been speaking to groups regarding my book “Old Toys”

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I have been talking to groups about my book, “My Old Toy Box, Imagination Not included”, I have a power point presentation, & talk about how hooked up today.  How we don’t take time to play. I include the audience, which makes every talk different & fun. It feels good to see how people react to this book, It’s a feel good book everyone has fun and leave with a smile. This Thursday, I am talking at the Banquet for The Coin Collectors, in Hastings. I enjoy speaking to groups, i a lot of fun & I get to meet interesting people.