The IM from nowhere: I couldn’t believe my eyes

Sitting on the computer working after what was months of her telling me she is faithful; I am comfortable that the doctor visits and medication is working. She continued to reassure me that all the infidelity is now in the past and she is better.

I feel really good when we see each other, it is magic, more so then before with everyday getting better and better the summer is here the days are beautiful even more so when she is with me and we touch. Her husband is working nights and I am now on my way to leaving my wife for her.

She comes over, tonight; I make us some dinner we sit and talk. I just can’t keep my hands off her. I need her in my arms; I stand, take her by the hand and kiss it as I pull her to me. I hold her close, I want to pull her into me, I want her to be one with me. We kiss our kiss soft as the clouds; yet so powerful I feel my heart touching hers. We lay down; continuing to kiss. I move down to her neck softly kissing her up and down her neck down to her shoulder. Her head falls back with passion, I smell her sweet body. I pull the shoulder of her blouse down to give me access to her shoulder. I am so excited I feel like I will explode. I want to rush into her; I know this passion is why I’m alive now. It makes me feel like I am no longer dead inside. She is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I take extra care to show her how to feel love and not just physical sex. I know I am making progress, I feel it in her kiss as I now work my way back up to her lips, her passion sends warmth all the way down to my toes. I feel amazing, this is so much more then sex.

 I unbutton her blouse kissing her back down to her shoulder again, making my way to the center of her chest. Her body rises to mine I feel her excitement. I release her from her bra and take her into my mouth, my hand caressing her body, while I hold her tight to me in the other.

I slowly remove all her clothing; I caress her leg moving slowly up to her sweet wetness. I kiss her body working my down I open her legs and taste her. I work hard to give her pleasure, I want to please her every desire. After several minutes she pull me up we kiss I enter her, look into her eyes & love fills me… and I thought her. Again she tells me she could never be with another man. My heart is filled with love as look deep into her eyes.

We finish hold each other tight, softly kissing until we fall asleep in each other’s arms. It’s Saturday morning, she tell me she has to run to home before her husband gets home. I am sure that one day this will not be the case, we will be together forever.

All weekend, I get texts from her telling me how much she misses me and how wonderful our night together was and how she wants this to be our life. Then, as I’m sitting on the computer I get an IM from someone I haven’t heard from in months. She knew about my “flower” as she put it. But I didn’t tell her much about us. She tells me, “your flower is at it again” she sends me the link to sugar I am crushed, I can’t believe it. I now find out she is not at home at all but spending the weekend with Ron on the north shore. How can this be, how can she walk out the door to yet another man.

I don’t let her know what I know but tell her I want to have dinner on Monday.

At dinner I confront her about Ron, she tells me she needs him too. She tells me about his sex room & the wonderful massages he gives. I take her phone and see it’s not just Ron but five others, including Mark who tell his wife he’s playing golf on Sunday when he is actually playing with my flower. Hell this guy is sending her to his wife’s hair dresser. What a fool I am, but love overtakes me and I think maybe I can get past this too. But after seeing all those emails & what she is doing with these guys. No I can’t and I leave her. The woman I love is a whore a prostitute as she is doing this for money. Who am I, who is this woman?

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