As we move forward things change will it draw us closer

After several months: the signs are there
We are always in touch, even when we are not together. She is consistently texting me, telling me how much she misses me when we can’t be together. How amazing it is to be together. She tells me I am all she can think of and wants to be with me all the time. I am in pain when we aren’t together. The though of her sitting lonely in her living room with a man who cares nothing about her, except for the money she can bring in. It breaks my heart; my mind, my soul, my life are consumed with the thought of leaving my wife & making a life with Rose. But she still hasn’t told me she loves me and she did tell me she wouldn’t leave her husband, I have to try to hold myself together.
Making love to her is amazing, it’s not the act, it is the feeling I get when I do. I was trying to show her the difference between sex and making love. Her past was filled with shallow meaningless sex. I think if she saw the difference it would help her see and awaken her.
My heart and my soul are completely absorbed in to my being one with her, her touch sets me on fire every time we touch. Just the sight of her lifts me to heights I never thought possible. It’s been almost a year, yet I still have not lost this feeling, no it gets stronger by the day.
It’s a Wednesday evening she is free for the evening her husband has been called to work. I pick her up and we go to our place. After a nice dinner I made, we decide to lie down relax and talk. It was about a month ago that I finally told her I love her. I got no response, I never pushed it, I just let it be. Fear paralyzed me when I said it. It was in the middle of making love, being one. Maybe she though because it was said in the throws of passion, was I like the many, many others, and was just saying what she thought she wanted to hear. I never say what I don’t mean, but she is so used to being used she has no way of knowing that.
As we talk I begin to kiss her softly, I take her hand kiss the back than the palm.
I gently kiss her cheek, then forehead. I slowly move to her on the lips. We begin to kiss slowly, then without warning she loses it. She starts punching me, tears my shirt off screaming at me, scratching me. There is no getting her back. Trying to hold her hands to keep her from hurting both of us more is fruitless. I am afraid; I have no idea what to for with this crazy out of control woman. Her eyes are crazy, wild, she has lost her mind. I slap her, she stops, the crazy look in her eye leaves, she breaks down and cry’s. I hold her tight as she apologizes, we kiss and I console her, reassuring her everything will be ok.
I see now there is more to these crazy acts of random sex with strangers on the net then doing it for money as she claimed. I begin to realize she also has a drinking problem. She always has wine in a soda bottle in her purse. I am awakened, I know now what is going on, she is bi polar, All the symptoms are there, why hasn’t anyone tried to help her, what is wrong with her husband, who allows this behavior?
Once I have her back, I tell her we need to get her help. Over the next several months I move forward to make sure she gets to a doctor. I work to get her to stop the drinking and smoking.
It took another 6 months but things seem so much better now, she tell me every time we meet she can’t believe how she acted. I went to the therapist with her, it turns out she really likes him, but he will not take her insurance, so I pay, I only want the best for her. Our relationship has now turned from one of passion to love and I will do anything I can to get my Rose better, anything.



  1. Wow. This is so realistic. I was just having a conversation with a male friend who told me of a story just like this! He said he now takes his time in getting to know a woman….oh those random left curves!
    Bob, this is story is getting good. tell me more….

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