Somethin New, I have written a romance Novel ..

I haven’t published it as I’m writing the 2nd one, a continuation of the 1st. This is new not like the novel;

I found heart-break & pain on the net

My life has become boring, I lack love and feel alone, even though I am married. I have no idea what happened to the woman I once loved with all my heart. She has become angry & cynical. We stopped talking to each other and began to talk to at each other. I don’t knowing what to do, I know divorce is out of the question, for many reasons. Lost and in pain, I posted an ad on a cheating site. In hind sight a big mistake, but who could have guessed, I am weak, lost, not an excuse I know, but I will eventually pay dearly.

It all started on one November day, I got an answer to my ad from a 30-year-old woman, I am almost twice her age. I advised her I wasn’t interested in a younger woman but she was relentless. She wanted to meet me and asked if I could help her out, to the tune of $500.00 to help pay her rent, I laughed and told her she had the wrong guy, she insisted upon seeing me anyway.

On a cold Sunday night, late, she walks into my place our eyes meet, I was taken right away. I don’t know why or what ran through my heart, my soul at that moment, but it was powerful and crippling. I am suspect that this woman her husband are teaming up to take advantage of unsuspecting older guys; I am on guard. We sit and talk, and as I looked at her face, I knew she was much older than she was saying, but her eyes are captivating; I am taken down by my heart, all my defenses broken down for the 1st time in my life…….

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