MERRY CHRISTMAS & How my card …

I created this years Christmas card on my digital camera. This is the first year sadly I didn’t use film.

The card was a set created in my studio, I used a dark blue background. I cut the start out in the back groung put roscolux behing the background & lit it. The house is a prop I purchased to with a light in it. I used 3 spot lights tof light it. When shooting film I would do it in several exposures, but with digital you are limited so I had to balance the lighting. (See Below)

I hope you enjoy the card. I will be posting my New Years card & how it was done in the next few days


My Boyhood dream

My childhood dream was to live my life in the wilderness, with my family and loved ones. I dreamt of a life of solitude and peace, surrounded by nature in my log cabin. Reflecting upon my life today I know that life would have never been possible for me, yet it is still my fantasy. With life becoming so complex, so complicated, I awaken this dream capturing it in my Christmas card through this photograph. I created this once fantasy that exists in my mind and my heart; the frozen river, the mountains to one side, the forest to the other the Christmas blessing from the sky. Bringing this dream to life, through my lens, and lights allows me to live out my dream in my world of creativity.

We need to slow down, take a moment and let go, remember and reflect upon our lives and what is important to us. Yes this is a fantasy, but without fantasy we have nothing. I hope you enjoy the photograph I created.

Now for the dry stuff; this year is the 1st year I created my Christmas card digitally, I photographed it on December19, 2011. There are no longer any labs in Westchester that develop film, this is why I used digital. I captured this image on my Canon EOS D50, at 15 Megapixels. The ISO is 200, the shutter speed is 5 seconds and the F stop was F22. I used three Mole Richardson Spot Lights. The props; the trees & log cabin were purchased at Westchester Trains & Hobbies, in the White Plains Mall in White Plains. The log cabin was actually a Doctor’s office, I retouched the signs out.

Bob Buchanan


  1. I never knew about the wilderness dream. I must forward to you a video I found online taking place in the Alaskan Wilderness.

    1. As A kid we lived in garden apartments with a big nursery behind us & fields with streams & the Bronx River. We would track pheasant, rabbits and other animals. We trapped muskrats & fished the bronx river. I watched Northwest passage a TV show on I believe Saturday morning. It was my dream to live in the wods & off the land. I am a conservationist, not an enviromentalist. I understand there is a balance the enviromentalists don’t get.

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